15 Miler!

Claire, Mark Jessica

Claire, Mark Jessica

Saturday, Seotember 13 started off to early start! Thanks to my wonderful wife, Kay, we arrived at Cigna around 8:00 AM to meet up with Claire and Jessica. This time I had a camel hydration back pack as opposed to my water belt (thanks to Abby and Brian for letting me borrow this!) We headed out to Kelly Drive  enroute towards Lloyd Hall. However, Claire suggested we run in the MLK Drive to Falls Bridge – brilliant idea! Why?! Once we got on the road, there far less runners and bikers coupled with much more to run for others to move around us. Ultimately, I dropped the tether and ran on my own follwing the yellow double lines in the middle of the road. I felt like the piglet on the GEICO commercial except I didn’t say we-we-we the whole time. LOL! We moved at good pace while stopping a few times to take a water break. I tethered back up to Jessica whne we crossed the bridge. We ran about a half mile further before tunring around and crossing the bridge again. At this point, we stopped for a water break as well as gu break. Guess what flavor I had – yup – PEANUT BUTTER! Yummy! We back to the point where we got off the path to Lloyd’s Hall. Once we reached that point, we decided to head toward Boat House Row and then head back. This would ensure us that we would reach our 15 miles once we finished at our original destination spot – we did!!!

Several things – Claire and Jessica did an amazing job guiding me and encouraging each other throughout the whole process! I didn’t have to use the bathroom after taking the Gu nor feeling the urge to pee during the run. The Camel Hydration Water Pack was awesome – it didn’t bother me at all. The route, in my opinion, was the best since it allowed me to run hands free for a bulk of the run! No foot or leg issues. The best part was that I was able to pick up some speed in the last two miles of our run! Overall, a great run! Excellent job Claire and Jessica!!!

Also, on this day, we celebrated Philly Achilles two year anniversary! I can’t thank Melissa Wilcox, our prez, for going after her vision. Her vision was to establish an Achilles International group in Philly. I can’t thank enough the continous unselfish acts of the most outstanding volunteers an organization can have. Because of these superb indivduals, I, others who are physically challenged, can run, run and run! I am truly blessed and grateful.

We celebrated this occasion by going to Nodding Heads (thanks Holly for setting this up!) I enjoyed a new craft beer – George’s Fault – thanks to Rodney’s suggestion. Cheers to Philly Achilles!!!

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