5 – 5 – 5

Tuesday, October 28, 2015 5 mile run with Vicki on the towpath along the New Jersey side in Lambertville was absolutely stunning. The beautiful, fall-like morning with a ray of sunshine made this easy run very enjoyable. This is the kind of morning you wish for any type of run or race. At one point along the canal, there were these tall trees lined up about ten feet apart on both sides of the path. I felt like they were cheering for us as we approached the end point of our run. The cool thing while running is you have time to think. I do not always see what surrounds me while I run, but having an artistc friend puts things into perspective for me. We ended our run with a delicious breakfast at Lambertville Cafe. I enjoyed a meat-lovers omelette! Yummy!!! Wonderful job, Vicki!!!

The next day, Juliann and I hit the hills at Tyler State Park for another 5 miles. We tackled the hills during the first half of the journey while enjoying the flatter portion of the course for the last 2 miles or so. A couple of times, a fellow Bucks County Road Runner yelled out my name when we crossed paths at two different points on onr run. Who is this mystery runner (male)? Despite the hills, Juliann and I were running about a ten-minute per mile pace. I could hear myself as well as my guide breathing laborously up the long incline. At the point at which you feel the hill begin to flatten out fills your body with an abundance of positive energy. If you can conquer a hill or hills, you can push yourself to run longer distances! We completed our 5.3 mile run at the boathouse. Juliann saw a gentleman siiting on a bench with a shirt that read, “Born to be Wild, Old Men Rule!” Fantastic job, Juliann! You are SO ready for the Trenton 10k and the Philly Half!!! Go for IT!

Thursday turned out to be another gorgeous day for a 5 mile run with Stacy along the Yardley canal heading south toward Morrisville. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see well at all. I literally put all my trust in Stacy. I couldn’t see the ground or the edges of the path. The afternoon sun created a glare that made it difficult for me to see clearly with or without my sunglasses. But, Stacy did a great job communicating to me along the canal. Ironically, not knowing exactly where I was on the canal made the run seem to go by faster. I guess when you are feeling comfortable and having fun, any run will go faster! Bravo Stacy!

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