Friday morning was a runner’s kind of eather – sunny, no humidity, cool and breezy! Kim, another one of my wonderful guides, and I ran in Tyler Park. We ran across the causeway and went right to the T (I will get the names of these routes sooner or later!), turned around and went back to the starting point where we kept going straight, eventually running up a giant hill. We descende gradually till we reached the entance to the park from 332. From there, we headed into the park, running along the Neshaminay Creek to our left, back to the parking lot. Once we got back to the parking lot, Kim suggested we run a little bit (.2)  to reach 4.0. I said, “SURE”! We ended up doing 4.5 miles! We rewareded ourselves with a smoothie from Smoothie King in Newtown, Pa. Yes, I made sure they put a smidge of peanut butter in mine!!! Great job, Kim!!!

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