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Philly 10K

David, Stephanie, Mark & Ali

David, Stephanie, Mark & Ali

Saturday, September 6, 2014 will be remembered as a crappy day for a great race! The dreadful humidity sucked the air right out of your lungs. But, over 3,000 determined runners, including myself and my team, crossed the finish line! The feeling of crossing the finish line after a grueling run is simply gratifying. The layout of the course was scenic and the mileage was just right. My team, Stephanie, Ali, and David, helped  guide us through traffic. At times, David would shout phrases such as “Ax murderer” or “Good looking guide on your left” coming thru. We finished strong and rewarded ourselves with a very hoppy beer and a delicious custard! Great job to Philadephia Runner Company for organizing an awesome race! Job well done to team Mark!

Journey to First Marathon

We are entering into my third week of training toward my first marathon in Philadelphia on November 22, 2014. What a gorgeous morning for a 5 miler in beautiful Tyler State Park with my running partner Vicki. We chose to hit the hills during the first half of our run and coast down hill on the back end! I was able to hit the hills with ease realizing I wasn’t concentrating on my breathing – which is a good thing because the hills are becoming easier for me. Vicki did a great job of giving me verbal cues as well as describing the scenery around us. At one point, we ran past an art center which she was amazed at a beautifully sculpted dragon. I look forward to seeing it on the next run!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

After taking a little break from slightly injuring my right foot last week as well as enjoying a beautiful wedding (Rehobeth Beach area) this past weekend, I was back in full stride. My awesome running guide, Vicky, and I changed it up today and ran North on the towpath in Yardley, Pa heading towards Washington Crossing. The seven mile journey was scenic with some walkers, runners and cyclists. Vicky described the scenery as we ran along the canal. I saw two white ducks and quacked at them. They didn’t respong – duh – they were FAKE! Beautiful morn for a run – we started slow but ended really strong!  Instead of going to Starbucks, we hit Cornery Bakery in Newtown. Great run today, Vicky!!!! What a great way to kick off the fourth week of trainng. I feel gooooood!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Carpe diem! Sieze the day! I jumped right back on the canal headingsouth toward Bristol with another wonderful guide, Juliann! I forgot my sunglasses. I prayed the sun would not come out. Fortunately by the time we started running, it was overcast plus the canal was shaded by the trees. We ran 4.30 miles and I felt good for the most part. I felt hungry during the run. I usually don’t feel that way and I typically don’t eat anything during my weekly shorter runs. Oh by the way, did I tell you I do NOT like geese! Man, they freak me out. Its better if my guides don’t tell me there are geese on either side of the canal. Shhhhhh…Way to kick off the day with a great run, Juliann! We rewarded ourelves with a drink from Yardley Starbucks. Thanks again, Juliann!

What will you do to seize the day?