Cold and Rainy 5 Miles

Vicki and Me

Vicki and Me

This week’s routine of running on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday did not go as planned. I didn’t run Tuesday or Wednesday due to crappy weather. Therefore, thankfully, I got in a 5 mile run with Vicki in her neighborhood on Thursday despite a cold and rainy afternoon. We ran throughout her community. There was very little traffic and we made quite a few left and right turns. From time to time, Vicki did tell me we were going left or right but ended up going the opposite direction. Since she is an artsy individual, Vicki was entriqued by the Halloween decorations displayed in front of the houses. I’m glad we both pushed eachother to get out and run. Indeed, we got it DONE! Awesome job Vicki!!!

The following day, I met Kim at Starbucks in Yardley. Of all things, I forgot my bungy cord. Fortunately, Kim lives close by and we picked up a bungy cord. We hit the towpath from Black Rock parking lot  toward Yardley. This morning was perfect for running. The towpath had a lot of puddles which I had to avoid since we didn’t know how deep the holes were. I felt good today and moved at a faster pace than usual. After the first mile, I kept a consistent pace of under 10 minutes a mile. My pace time slowed a little during the 3rd and 4th mile to compensate the low bridge at Yardley and some choppy spots on the towpath. However, we were bookin’ on the last mile!! After our run, Kim treated me to a delicous chocolate frosted apple cider doughnut from Styers Orchard. Yummy!!! Thanks Kim!!! Fantastic job Kim!





Mile 1 – 10:27

Mile 2 – 9:41

Mile 3 – 9:47

Mile 4 – 9:49

Mile 5 – 8:58

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