Gorgeous Evening Run

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tonight’s 5k run with fellow FBR runner and guide, Kelly, was wonderful. The weather was fall-like temps with the sun shining and a nice cool breeze (yes, we broke a sweat). We ran in Tyler Park by running across the causeway and took a right till the T (includes a nice little incline hill). Once we reached the T, we turned around and ran back to the original starting point before taking a right to run along the Neshaminy Creek (the creek is to our right). From this point, we ran 1 mile out to the post and turned around and came back the same way. The route was flooded with cross country boys – many of them shirtless – zipping by us along with several dog walkers and cyclists. Kelly did a great job navigating us through the busy traffic. As a visually impaired runner, it is difficult to know when there are little cracks or divits along the route making it challenging to prevent me from potentially twisting my ankle. I basically have to keep my leg and feet up to help control the landing of the feet as well as control how I strike the pavement. I don’t expect my guides to see every crack – i try to reassure them that if I hit it wrong, its not their fault. Now, if they ran me into a pole or off into the creek or canal, yeah, now I can be a little annoyed and concerned. Thanks to Kelly being observant on the way to the park, she saw a Happy Hour sign at the Brick Hotel in Newtown, Pa that read: $3/draft beer and $5 appetizers! I’ll be there tomorrow night!!! Great job tonight, Kelly!!!

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