Last Eight Miler

Kerry, Jessica, David, Mark, ALi, Tyrrell, Matt, Josh, Alison

Kerry, Jessica, David, Mark, ALi, Tyrrell, Matt, Josh, Alison

I can’t believe that this is the last training weekend before the full marathon! OMGosh! The time has flown by so quickly. Unbelievable!

The air is cold but the sun is shining! I wore my man pants, shorts, two long shirts, gloves, and a tech hat. Other runners have told me that it is a good idea to dress as if the outside temperature is twenty degrees warmer than the currect temperature. What to wear for running is sometimes tricky. But, fortunately, I dressed just right!

David and Ali met me at the Suburban Station at 9 AM. David got some coffee before heading over to CIGNA. We met with the rest of the crew at our usual meeting place. I was greeted by some first time volunteers: Kerry, Josh, Alison, and two others (I will get their names soon)! After some mingling, we set off to run eight miles!

What a spectacular morning for a run. Tyrrell took the tether and off we went. David and Matt led the way while Josh, Kerry, Jessica, and Alison were behind us. It is SO much fun running with a group of wonderful people! We ran to Lloyd Hall to quickly get a drink as well as take a group picture. After the group picture, we ran two more miles where Tyrrell handed me over to David. The point at which you turn around to head back home is a beautiful feeling especially when you run shorter distances after running distances longer than ten miles. Glad to have you back, David! At one point, David asked me if this was the pace for our marathon, I smiled and said no. Our pace was a little faster probably because we were following Matt and Josh. The crew returned to Lloyd Hall. David handed me over to Ali for the remaining two miles back to CIGNA.

On our way back, the sun was shining brightly in our direction. I couldn’t see a darn thing. Ali did a great job assuring me that I was in the middle of the pathway. We pressed on till we reached the Market Street ramp. I told Ali to keep moving up the incline – no time to relax just yet! We hit Chestnut and continued to run back to CIGNA. What a great feeling – the last eight miles done! Thanks to David, Tyrrell, Ali, Jessica, Matt, Kerry, Josh, and Alison for a superb run!

Congratualtions to Jessica for earning her official Achilles shirt! You deserve it! Also, thank you to Kerry, Josh, Alison, and two others for coming out and joining us!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

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