Red Light, Green Light

Ali and I Last 2 MilerToday is the day before the marathon! I took the train into Philly like I have done many times to meet up with the Philly Achilles peeps. Ali met me at Suburban Station where we continued to head over to CIGNA. I planned to run two miles. Others showed up for the workout – those who were not running in the marathon or half, chose to run slightly longer distances while others ran three-four miles. Usually I have I an entourage of guides, but today, its just Ali and me.

We took off and headed to the Market East ramp and turned left on the trail going opposite of Lloyd Hall. We eventually hit a turn-a-round circle near the Boardwalk Perfect spot to turn around since it was the one mile mark. The nice thing about cooler weather is you see fewer bikers (sorry, JP). There weren’t as many runners either but I was happy to be out! We headed back up the ramp and home towards CIGNA. On the way back, we felt like we were playing a popular elementary game called, “Red Light, Green Light”. Why? Ali and I hit just about every red light at each block. Finally, our destination arrived! The training is officially DONE! I high-fived Ali and we headed back up to the fourth floor to enjoy some refreshments.

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