Trenton Half Marathon

Abby, Me, Natalie

Abby, Me, Natalie

The Third Annual Trenton Half Marathon kicked off sometime after eight this chilly morning (they never start on time). My guides, Abby and Natalie, and I were waiting anxiously to get movin’. I had to run twelve miles as part of my training schedule for the full marathon. This half marathon was my first last year and I wanted to run in it again. I loved the layout of the course, the opportunity to run in two different states and across two bridges, and the thrill of crossing homeplate in the Arm and Hammer Stadium. This race was a perfect fit. Even though it is a race, I had to consider it a training run – period!

The race started and we were moving. The first mile or so was tough since three groups went out at once – 5K, 10K, and the 13.1 mile runners. The problem with this scenario was that many of the 5K runners who bolted from the start line were now gassed out. Therefore, we had to continously weave in and out, left to right or vice versa, to find an open lane. Once we hit the third mile, the crowd started to fizzle out.

Throughout the course, Abby moved me right or left while Natalie shouted out the directions. My left hearing aid battery died around the sixth mile. Great – just what I needed. A couple of times, Abby started running toward the left while I kept running straight. Oops – I didn’t hear Abby or Natalie. At times, the sun was so bright, I couldn’t see at all. This is where I had to have complete trust in both of my guides. In addiition to the sun creating a hazard, runners who listen to music create potential issues. When we need to move around a runner or two and they don’t hear us, what do we do? I’ll leave that to your creative minds what I would like to do. J

Natalie did a super job grabbing the water and placing the cup into my hand while in stride like two track runners exchanging a baton. Running and drinking water is a skill – I didn’t gag or choke. Okay, I did spill a little here and there. But, the three of us never stoppped to walk through any of the water stations!

At the tenth mile, I wanted to bust loose. But, thanks to Abby and Natalie, they held me in check. I was feeling good and wanted to really crush my last year’s time. Instead, I stayed within our pace time of 10:30 per mile.

The Arm and Hammer Stadium was in sight according to my guides. Yes, almost to the finish line! Once we entered the stadium, we ran around the entire perimeter of the outfield. I though it would never end. Before we turned down toward the third base line, we joined hands in order to cross the finish line together. Indeed we did! What a fabulous run! Abby and Natalie were fun and both did a fantastic job of guiding!

The end result was 2:16:51. Ten minutes shaved off from last year’s half marathon!

THree WIse Monkeys - Mute, Blind, Deaf

THree WIse Monkeys – Mute, Blind, Deaf

Saturday, November 8, 2014 in Trenton, NJ @ 8 AM.

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