Triumphant 18 Miles!

Bethany, Ali, Jessica, Mark

Bethany, Ali, Jessica, Mark

Sunday, October 6, 2014 was a perfect day for a run. Our goal was to meet up with everyone at 9 AM in the

parking lot of Lambertville Station. Ummmm…there was a slight problem. JP’s Camaro got not one, but two flat tires. So, plans were put on hold until about 12 PM or so. Bethany was happy because she got to sleep an extra hour or so.

We all eventually made it to our starting point! JP and Mark took off with their bikes and went their way. Ali, Bethany, Jessican andI went south on the towpath toward Washington Crossing.The weather was sensational – sunny, breezy, and cool! At some point hovering arund the 3 rd mile, my left lower leg around the shin area, was beginning to annoy me – a throbbing pain. My friend and advid runner, Christine, told me from time to time as I am running to keep myself in check. Basically, assess what I am doing right and wrong. I quickly started focusing on how I was striking the ground and making sure I was lifting my knees up. Just doing periodic checks has helped me overcome physical and mental challenges during my runs. From that point till the 17 mile point, I was doing well. We stopped at about the fifth and 9th mile to load up on Gu and/or Block. Bethany ran just past Washington Crossing before turning around to meet up with her father. We turned around at the nine mile and headed back. Jessica led me all the back to the end – that is – all the way till we reached Triumph Brewery Company in New Hope, Pa. At about the 17 mile, my mind was starting to get frustrated with the stop and start because we had to detour here and there and then get onto the sidewalk. I am not a big fan of running on the sidewalk. We ended up walking at the 17.70 to TBC. We ended up walking close to another mile just to TBC. I knew Ali was going to bop me or at least curse me out because it was a hike from Lambertville Station to TBC, especially after a very long run! But, she was cool, and we all ordered our drinks and food. I thank my wife, Kay, for being a HUGE supporter! Congrats to Ali on her longest run thus far! Jessica – you did an amazing job guiding! Bethany – we appreciate you setting the pace for us! JP and Mark – awesome job completing 25 miles on the bike!!! Yes, Ali, I am thankful that I was able to get you guys out of the city to join me on the tow path!!! Superb job all around! Cheers!!!

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