1/3 of Training Down!

The sixth week of training was a tricky one since I was heading to the shore! I did my long of 12 miles on Saturday followed by a 9.3 mile race (OUCH Race)  on Sunday. I’ll admit my legs felt heavy druing the race but I stuck it out and even ran up a long, steep hill towards the last stretch of the course. It was awesome to see the Achilles family cheering us on as we approached the finish line! Tyrrell, my guide, did a fantastic job from sart to finish! Since I knew that I was going to the beach, the opportunity to relax would benefit my legs!

While at the shore (OC NJ), I was very fortunate since several of my Achilles peeps were vacationing there – lucky me! Plus, my friend, Stacy, was coming down Thursday night to run with me/us on Friday morning. Garth and I ran 4 miles on Wednesday on the boardwalk. It was a great morning for a run – sunny, breezy and no humidity coupled with the sounds of waves and seagulls chirping away above (thankfully we didn’t get pooped on)! On Friday, Garth and his wife, Betsy, Stacy and I ran 8 miles! We started on 34th Street and West Ave., ran to the end of the boardwalk, back to starting place, plus an extra 1/2 mile to make it 8 miles. Along our run, we had a nice surprise to see our fellow Achilles prez, Melissa! She joined us for a few miles! Overall, I can’t thank Garth, Betsy, Stacy and Melissa for making these runs possible. I am grateful for these wonderderful and caring individuals! Awesome job guys!!!

I was excited to join my Achilles people on Saturday in Philly for a 9 miler! I ran with David, Ali, and Stephanie. Welocme back, Steph! I am glad to have my running partner back! David led our group out to Lloyd Hall with a bang! David makes running look so EASY.  Stephanice then guided me till about the halfway mark – just like old times! She hung in there despite being away on her honeymoon. Ali, first time guiding me, guided me the entire way back – 4.5 miles! She did a fantastic job – she even pushed me to run a little faster as we approached our way back to Lloyd Hall. Tyrrell, you would have been proud! Overall, the run felt great – no pain in the ribcage area. All in all, a great way to end my sixth week of training!

Next week:

Monday – Spinning

Tuesday – 4 Mles

Wednesday – Spinning

Thursday – 4 Miles

Friday – Off

Satruday – Philly 10K Race

Sunday – 14 Miles

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