How Many Miles Are We Running?

Alexis, Ali, Carla, David, Mark, Meghan, Stephanie, Stacy, Tom

Alexis, Ali, Carla, David, Mark, Meghan, Stephanie, Stacy, Tom

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful morning for a long run! The gang met at Lambertville Stattion around 9:00 AM. We took off towards the canal on the NJ side heading to Washington Crossing. At the same time, JP (Ali’s husband) and Mark went biking the opposite way! We ran as a group for about 7 miles. The first 7 miles of our journey went pretty smoothly – we stopped a few times to take a water break. Stacy and Ali guided me for the first half. When we reached the 7 mile point, we broke up into two groups. Carla, Stephanie, Ali, and myself turned around. David, Tom, Meghan, and Stacy marched on for what they thought was going to be another mile or two. Also, at this point, David did an amazing job taking a group selfie while looking into the sun! Nice shot!

Our journey back went smoothly. Stephanie guided me for awhile. Then Carla, who never guided before in her life, took over for several miles! She was nervous but did a great job – I didn’t end up in the canal! Ali took over the last three miles. At one point Ali and apporached a group of walkers. While passsing them on their left, Ali told told the one woman there was a bug on her shoulder. Next thing I heard was this woman squealing loudly. I asked ALi if there really was a bug on her shoulder. She said yes. LOL! I was really pleased with the run – no pain in my sides, didn’t have to use the bathrrom nor had the urgency of using the bathroom, and didn’t feel fatigue. Since there were no water fountains along the way, several of us had brought water belts or wristband -like bottle holders. The only issue I had with the water belt was that I felt like the belt was putting weight on my hips which wasn’t too comfortable. Overall, the run was successful! Congrats to Stephanie for this was her longest run thus far!!! Oh by the way, remember I told you earlier that David, Tom, Stacy and Meghan were doing a couple more miles….well they ended up running 20 MILES!!! Thanks to Tom for the push!

We wrapped up the run with some great food and beer at Lambertville Station. Awesome food and drinks with great company!

Fantastic job to everyone whether you ran or biked! I look forward to doing this again soon!!!


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