Achilles Pride

Saturday’s workout 11 mile run  with my Philly Achilles peeps was a tough one but awesome! Tyrrell guided me the entire way along with David (who mentally fought a bum shoulder). Once we hit Lloyd Hall for a water break, fellow FBR runners Alli and Jack, joined for the rest of the trek. I sort of felt out of whack today despite great conditions for running.  I ran 4.5 miles with some hills the previous day along with not really eating properly. I drank and sometimes gulped a lot of water during the run which later proved to cause a painful cramp in my upper rib cage area. This ultimately made it hard to take a deep breath. I pressed two fingers on the spot where it hurt as well as taking in deeper breaths. By the 10th mile, the pain subsided. OVerall, this was my longest run since my Disney Half this past January. Next week (Sunday, Auguest 24th) is the Ouch Race in Philly – 15K.

What I learned from this run is…I need to drink plenty of water during the week, eat better, and sip water during my runs as opposed to gulping it (shame on my…I knew better). Greeat job to Tyrrell, David, Alli, and Jake!!!!

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