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Philly 10K

David, Stephanie, Mark & Ali

David, Stephanie, Mark & Ali

Saturday, September 6, 2014 will be remembered as a crappy day for a great race! The dreadful humidity sucked the air right out of your lungs. But, over 3,000 determined runners, including myself and my team, crossed the finish line! The feeling of crossing the finish line after a grueling run is simply gratifying. The layout of the course was scenic and the mileage was just right. My team, Stephanie, Ali, and David, helped  guide us through traffic. At times, David would shout phrases such as “Ax murderer” or “Good looking guide on your left” coming thru. We finished strong and rewarded ourselves with a very hoppy beer and a delicious custard! Great job to Philadephia Runner Company for organizing an awesome race! Job well done to team Mark!

1/3 of Training Down!

The sixth week of training was a tricky one since I was heading to the shore! I did my long of 12 miles on Saturday followed by a 9.3 mile race (OUCH Race)  on Sunday. I’ll admit my legs felt heavy druing the race but I stuck it out and even ran up a long, steep hill towards the last stretch of the course. It was awesome to see the Achilles family cheering us on as we approached the finish line! Tyrrell, my guide, did a fantastic job from sart to finish! Since I knew that I was going to the beach, the opportunity to relax would benefit my legs!

While at the shore (OC NJ), I was very fortunate since several of my Achilles peeps were vacationing there – lucky me! Plus, my friend, Stacy, was coming down Thursday night to run with me/us on Friday morning. Garth and I ran 4 miles on Wednesday on the boardwalk. It was a great morning for a run – sunny, breezy and no humidity coupled with the sounds of waves and seagulls chirping away above (thankfully we didn’t get pooped on)! On Friday, Garth and his wife, Betsy, Stacy and I ran 8 miles! We started on 34th Street and West Ave., ran to the end of the boardwalk, back to starting place, plus an extra 1/2 mile to make it 8 miles. Along our run, we had a nice surprise to see our fellow Achilles prez, Melissa! She joined us for a few miles! Overall, I can’t thank Garth, Betsy, Stacy and Melissa for making these runs possible. I am grateful for these wonderderful and caring individuals! Awesome job guys!!!

I was excited to join my Achilles people on Saturday in Philly for a 9 miler! I ran with David, Ali, and Stephanie. Welocme back, Steph! I am glad to have my running partner back! David led our group out to Lloyd Hall with a bang! David makes running look so EASY.  Stephanice then guided me till about the halfway mark – just like old times! She hung in there despite being away on her honeymoon. Ali, first time guiding me, guided me the entire way back – 4.5 miles! She did a fantastic job – she even pushed me to run a little faster as we approached our way back to Lloyd Hall. Tyrrell, you would have been proud! Overall, the run felt great – no pain in the ribcage area. All in all, a great way to end my sixth week of training!

Next week:

Monday – Spinning

Tuesday – 4 Mles

Wednesday – Spinning

Thursday – 4 Miles

Friday – Off

Satruday – Philly 10K Race

Sunday – 14 Miles

Go Achilles!!!

The Philly Achilles Saturday Workout was packed with athletes and volunteer guides! I had the privilege of running with David, Tyrrell, Meg, and Bethany! David was so excited that we ran our first mile in just under 9 minutes! Uh, we have another 11 miles to go, Bro! The Kelly Drive route was pretty quiet today coupled with low temps and tolerable humidity. I learned from my mistakes from last week by eating better, drinking more fluids throughout the week, and didn’t gulp down my water. However, I stilll got that annoying sharp pain in my upper right ribcage around the 11th mile. Why does that happen? I took Meg’s advice and massaged the area and it worked for the last mile. Meg also suggested that while running not to take more than five sips of water. Makes sense! My feet ached a little but I believe that will go away as I tackle longer runs. My eyesight was okay today. Lots of shadows since the sun was not out. The trees along the route made these areas darker – I had to rely on guides more so!. Oh, when we run along the route and there are over hanging tree branches, the keyword is DUCK.

Awesome run today and great job everyone!

Also, Happy Birthday to Maggie! I really enjoyed my Belgian waffle with strawberries, bananas, and whip cream! Yummy!

Tomorrow is the OUCH race! Tyrrell wants to run 9.3 miles so we can get three medals!!!

Grandmom’s Spirit

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

This is typically my off day but my friend, Stacy, recently lost her grandmother and had invited me to run with her and her friend Lisa. I said, “Sure!” Stacy guilded me while Lisa led us on a 6.1 loop throughout Peace Valley Park in Doylestown, Pa. This course consisted of flats, curvy paths, and hills. A very scenic run. We ran at a moderate pace of 10:30 a mile while Stacy chatted away almost the entire way! Stacy did a great job of giving me commands but at times I was watching Lisa in front of me. This caused me to stumble on Stacy at times. OVerall, my legs felt tired but I mentally pushed through to the end. At the end of the run, Stacy was happy to be out running – she needed this! Job well done, Lisa and Stacy!

Achilles Pride

Saturday’s workout 11 mile run  with my Philly Achilles peeps was a tough one but awesome! Tyrrell guided me the entire way along with David (who mentally fought a bum shoulder). Once we hit Lloyd Hall for a water break, fellow FBR runners Alli and Jack, joined for the rest of the trek. I sort of felt out of whack today despite great conditions for running.  I ran 4.5 miles with some hills the previous day along with not really eating properly. I drank and sometimes gulped a lot of water during the run which later proved to cause a painful cramp in my upper rib cage area. This ultimately made it hard to take a deep breath. I pressed two fingers on the spot where it hurt as well as taking in deeper breaths. By the 10th mile, the pain subsided. OVerall, this was my longest run since my Disney Half this past January. Next week (Sunday, Auguest 24th) is the Ouch Race in Philly – 15K.

What I learned from this run is…I need to drink plenty of water during the week, eat better, and sip water during my runs as opposed to gulping it (shame on my…I knew better). Greeat job to Tyrrell, David, Alli, and Jake!!!!