Cheers to Seventeen Miles

Ali, Claire, Hal, Jennifer, Jessica, Mark Stephanie, Tim

Ali, Claire, Hal, Jennifer, Jessica, Mark Stephanie, Tim

After recovering from a succesful half-marathon run, it was time to increase the mileage today. A group of us met around 8 AM to disembark on a 17 mile journey. Ali, Hal, Jennifer, Jessica, Stephanie, Tom , and myself took off from Cigna equipped with water, Gu, and Block. The sun was out but our initial 5 miles out to Falls Bridge was pretty decent considering we were running in the shade. Once we crossed over the bridge, I dropped the tether and used the bold yellow double lines in the middle of the street as a guide while I was running. Everything was running smoothly – the temperature was right, the body was in motion, no aches or cramps, etc. Then, we reached a point on MLK drive where the trees started to disappear. Remember I told you the sun was shining? Well, we were spoiled for the first five miles. That sun was brutal – heat is not your friend while running. We returned to Lloyd Hall with about seven miles to go. Almost there! Tom left us at this point so he could meet us at Nodding Heads after our run. So, the rest of us headed on Kelly Drive for about three miles before turning around. At one point, we saw Josh (FBR Runner), and I high-fived him in stride!  Nicely done! At the three mile mark, Hal headed home. Ali, Jessica, Stephanie, and I turned around and began our four mile trek to CIGNA! My toes were SCREAMING around the 15th mile but I kept telling myself that it was just my body getting used to the longer distances. We pressed on, stopping briefly at Lloyd Hal for a quick break, and continued on.

There is something magical when you reach 16th and Chestnut Street where you have to  make a right turn heading to CIGNA = the end is in sight My body is covered with goose bumps,  feeling the extasy of accomplishing a long run! The end of the journey is here – we high-fived each other with huge smiles on our faces! Off we go to Nodding Heads for a celevratory drink and food!!! Amazing job to everyone! Cheers!!!

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