Go Achilles!!!

The Philly Achilles Saturday Workout was packed with athletes and volunteer guides! I had the privilege of running with David, Tyrrell, Meg, and Bethany! David was so excited that we ran our first mile in just under 9 minutes! Uh, we have another 11 miles to go, Bro! The Kelly Drive route was pretty quiet today coupled with low temps and tolerable humidity. I learned from my mistakes from last week by eating better, drinking more fluids throughout the week, and didn’t gulp down my water. However, I stilll got that annoying sharp pain in my upper right ribcage around the 11th mile. Why does that happen? I took Meg’s advice and massaged the area and it worked for the last mile. Meg also suggested that while running not to take more than five sips of water. Makes sense! My feet ached a little but I believe that will go away as I tackle longer runs. My eyesight was okay today. Lots of shadows since the sun was not out. The trees along the route made these areas darker – I had to rely on guides more so!. Oh, when we run along the route and there are over hanging tree branches, the keyword is DUCK.

Awesome run today and great job everyone!

Also, Happy Birthday to Maggie! I really enjoyed my Belgian waffle with strawberries, bananas, and whip cream! Yummy!

Tomorrow is the OUCH race! Tyrrell wants to run 9.3 miles so we can get three medals!!!

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