Matt, Ali, Mark, Meghan, John, Steve (Hal took the pic)

Matt, Ali, Mark, Meghan, John, Steve (Hal took the pic)

Prior to running today, I had informed others that I was running 12 miles. One funny individual stated that I was “slackin'”. It does in a way feel like I’m cheating on the mileage but I believe Hal’s plan is to take it easy on the legs before hitting the big 20 miler next week!

The forecast for this morning was rain, windy and cold! Kay drove through the rain along I-95 South to Philly. Why is it people feel they can drive the same way as if they are driving in dry conditions? At one point, Kay dodged a rolling hubcap. If you have driven in conditions like this, I’m pretty sure your nerves were shot! Thank you sweetie for getting us safely to CIGNA!

The gang consisted of Ali, Hal, John, Matt, Meghan, Pat, and Steve (New Guy), showed up despite the pouring rain! Matt, John, Hal and Steve set out to do 6 miles while Ali, Meghan and I set out to do 12 miles. As we stepped outside, the rain was relentless as well as the wind. Brrrrrrr! We took off with Ali guiding me. One of the things that is difficult for me while running is trying to hear while the wind is blowing into my hearing aids. It is like listening to static noise you hear on the radio when the reception is poor. I can’t hear what Ali or Meghan are saying unless they SHOUT it out to me. Fortunately for me and them, the wind died down. Whew!

We hit Kelly Drive. Surprisely, there we quite a few people running as well as walkers with umbrellas. I was impressed – sleep is just overrated! I even saw at least three different runners pushing a three-wheel stroller – how cool is that!

When it rains, it pours. Puddles were everywhere and at times unavoidable. It’s rainy, right?! What difference does it make whether or not you step into a puddle or two? Well, hold a dry sponge and then soak it. What do you obseve? Uh, yeah, the wet sponge is heavier. My shoes got soaked. I jokingly said that my quads better look huge by the time I’m done running the 12 miles!

We stopped briefly at Lloyd Hall for a pitstop. Meghan ran off to get herself some gloves to keep her hands warm. Yes, they were really cold. Ali and I headed back out onto Kelly Drive (Meghan would catch up eventually). One thing we noticed right away was that there were very few bikers out – yay!!! Can’t stand them – well, not entirely true. I like the respectable ones! The three of us ran toward Falls Bridge. While on East Kelly Drive, we had to stop several times to wait for cars to go by or around us. These cars were looking to park along the Drive for the rowing competition. That kinda kills your momentum. Once we reached Falls Bridge, Ali  handed the reign over to Meghan (5.5 miles). Ali left to head to the 5K RiverFest.

Meghan and i walked over Falls Bridge (the conditions were wet and i didn’t want to slip) to West Kelly Drive. At this point, I wrapped the tether around my wrist and follwed the double yellow lines. It feels amazing to run in the middle of the street and not have to worry about cars, bikers, and runners! I feel like Daddy Warbucks and paid Mayor Nutter to block off the streets just for myself and Meghan! Peaceful and quiet. Well, not quite quiet. Meghan has some pretty amazing lungs. She can talk naturally, without skipping a beat, while running. I, on the other hand, like to respond with one word answers. The one cool thing is she can talk about football. Thankfully she is not a Giants, Redskins, nor a Cowboys fan but rather a Patriots fan. I can handle that.

While running on the street, I found myself picking up the pace. I was in rythym and felt my stride was in sync. The legs were in motion like the drive rods connected to the wheels of a train engine (no, I’m not making chew-chew sounds while running!). It feels good when you feel like all cylinders are clicking!

Meghan and I eventually made it back to CIGNA after completing a wet and cold 12 mile journey! Well done, Meghan and Ali!!! The best thing after a long, cold run is to take a HOT shower! Fantastic job everyone! Cheers!

I would like to shout out to my fellow Philly Achilles and Guides who are running in the Chicago Marathon tomorrow a very successful and fun run! We will be there in spirit and will look forward to reuniting with you soon!

Today is Saturday, October 11, 2014

Oh, by the way, Meghan…the Eagles CRUSHED the Giants 27-0! Fly Eagles Fly!!!

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